Zhongren Peng

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The plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), utilizing more battery power, has become a next-generation HEV with great promise of higher fuel economy. Global optimization charge-depletion power management would be desirable. This has so far been hampered due to the a priori nature of the trip information and the almost prohibitive computational cost of(More)
This paper introduces the C-means fuzzy clustering method to evaluate the road traffic status. During the analysis, road traffic status was categorized into four types by using ISODATA algorithm based on expert knowledge. Meanwhile, RBF neural network classification model was established to evaluate the road traffic status. The implementation results showed(More)
The introduction of UAV into transportation offers a great number of challenges such as how to utilize the collected vehicle data of different levels to obtain traffic variables. Meanwhile, different detection approaches may acquire different types and precisions of vehicle data, and the methods that will be chosen for each detection approach also may vary.(More)
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