Zhongqing Han

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Eight chemical transport models participate in a model intercomparison study for East Asia, MICS-Asia II. This paper analyzes calculated results for particulate matter of sulfate, nitrate and ammonium through comparisons with each other and with monthly measurements at EANET (the acid deposition monitoring network in East Asia) and daily measurements at(More)
Compression has always played a crucial role in storage and transmission of heavier multimedia files. The existences of compression algorithms are more than two decade old. The normal compression algorithms are sometimes not required to process a signal in many cases where the signals are sparse. In such cases, compressive sensing highly contributes and(More)
This letter proposes a method for real-time observation of dynamic process with large continuous depth of field. There have been many ways for scanning the dynamic samples. However, those ways all have some apparent disadvantages, especially, when we want to observe the axial activity of the dynamic process. In order to avoid those shortcomings, a time(More)
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