Zhongqi Liu

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LRRC4, a novel member of LRR superfamily thought to be involved in development and tumorigenesis of the nervous tissue, has the potential to suppress tumorigenesis and cell proliferation of U251MG cells. This study aimed at revealing the correlation between expression of LRRC4 and the maintenance of normal function and tumorigenesis suppression within the(More)
This study aims to determine the spatial characteristics and real-time kinetics of cadmium transport in hyperaccumulator (HE) and non hyperaccumulator (NHE) ecotypes of Sedum alfredii using a non-invasive Cd-selective microelectrode. Compared with the NHE S. alfredii, the HE S. alfredii showed a higher Cd influx in the root apical region and root hair(More)
Selenium (Se) can be used to detoxify antimony (Sb); however, the associated mechanisms are not fully understood, in particular, the responses of essential elements to co-exposure to Se and Sb. To resolve the above question, two nested hydroponic experiments based on a two-factor, five-level central composite design, were performed using a conventional(More)
The sorption characteristics of tetracycline (TC) by waste tire powder and its chars were investigated to explore the potential of using waste tires as effective sorbents for removal of TC from aqueous solution. Naphthalene (NAPH), a typical hydrophobic organic compound, was selected as asorbate for comparison. TC displayed much lower sorption affinity to(More)
Five types of biochars prepared from four crop straws and one wood shaving at 600 °C were characterized, and their sorption to Cd(II) were determined to investigate the differences in capacity to function as sorbents to heavy metals. Surface areas and pore volumes of the biochars were inversely correlated to the lignin content of raw biomass. The biochars(More)
Branches from three transgenic poplar lines and their wild type line 107 were used to study the effect of lignocellulosic composition and structure on the production of glucose and ethanol. Experimental results showed that the transgenic line 18-1 had the high cellulose content and amorphous fibril structure. After poplar meals were pretreated with 10% NaOH(More)
This study uses numerical solutions of a bio-heat transfer equation to investigate the relationship between skin surface temperature distributions and internal heat sources under various physiological and environmental conditions. It is found that although a surface temperature distribution depends on all heat source parameters, the properly normalized(More)
The heterosis and combining ability for plant height and its components of hybrid wheat were investigated in an incomplete diallel experiment including 5 CMS lines and 4 restorer lines. The results showed that heterosis (HS) and heterobeltiosis (HBS) occurred in plant height (PH) and length of the first internode (LFI), second internode (LSI), third(More)
Thermosensitive genic male sterile (TGMS) rice line has made great economical contributions in rice production. However, the fertility of TGMS rice line during hybrid seed production is frequently influenced by low temperature, thus leading to its fertility/sterility alteration and hybrid seed production failure. To understand the mechanism of fertility(More)
Heavy metals naturally occur in soil but their concentrations may be changed by seasonal rainfall under double-rice cropping system. The field trials at three sites, which represent low, medium and high cadmium (Cd) content in soil, revealed significant genotypic and environmental variations in grain Cd concentrations. Most cultivars in late rice at three(More)