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Keywords: The linear-quadratic bilevel programming problem Genetic algorithm Simplex method Fitness value a b s t r a c t The bilevel programming problems are useful tools for solving the hierarchy decision problems. In this paper, a genetic algorithm based on the simplex method is constructed to solve the linear-quadratic bilevel programming problem(More)
We introduce a concept of weak Bregman relatively nonexpansive mapping which is distinct from Bregman relatively nonexpansive mapping. By using projection techniques, we construct several modification of Mann type iterative algorithms with errors and Halpern-type iterative algorithms with errors to find fixed points of weak Bregman relatively nonexpansive(More)
In this work, a nonsmooth multiobjective optimization problem involving generalized invexity with cone constraints and Applications (for short, (MOP)) is considered. The Kuhn-Tucker necessary and sufficient conditions for (MOP) are established by using a generalized alternative theorem of Craven and Yang. The relationship between weakly efficient solutions(More)