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A Practical Route for the Preparation of 1,4,7-Triazacyclononanyl Diacetates with a Hydroxypyridinonate Pendant Arm
The preparation of triazamacrocyclic hydroxypyridinonate derivatives as potential chelators for metals in biomedical applications was reported, suitable for rapid syntheses of metal chelator HOPO-TACNs of biomedical interest.
Progress on Determination of Glutathione
The determination of glutathione is very important, and there are a lot of detection methods, but so far there is not a quick, simple, accurate and economical method.
Preparation of Quantum Dots and Their Application in Biomedicine
Quantum dots are a new type of nanomaterials and their studies develop quickly in recent years.Although the research started lately,quantum dots has become a hot spot because of its unique electrical
Preparation of DNA-CdTe/Mesoporous SiO_2 Fluorescent Probe and Its Application in Tumor Cell Imaging
The design and preparation of DNA-CdTe/mesoporous SiO2 fluorescent probes are based on covalent binding of CdTe quantum dots and mesoporous SiO2.CdTe quantum dots have a strong fluorescent