Zhongpai Gao

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Spatial psychovisual modulation (SPVM) is a new information display technology, which aims to generate multiple visual percepts for different viewers on a single display simultaneously. After the proposal of SPVM, lots of efforts have been made and several applications (i.e., dual-view display system) have been implemented based on this technology. The(More)
Ultra high definition television (UHDTV) has gradually entered our daily life. However, because of the large data of UHDTV, it is hard to render images in real time. We proposed an eye tracking based solution using the concept of uncrowned window from vision research. The theory of uncrowded window suggests that human vision can only effectively recognize(More)
In this paper we propose a new paradigm for visible light communication (VLC) using the emerging display technology of Temporal Psycho-Visual Modulation (TPVM) that exploits the interaction between human visual system and modern electro-optical display devices. Unlike traditional VLC, no specifically designed light emitter and receiver are required. In the(More)