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With the quick acceleration of cultural exchange and globalization, multi-language annotation for in-theatre movie exhibition is gaining more attention. The existing solution overlays a stack of subtitles in different languages over the movie, for example, the familiar combination of English + local tongue as seen in the cinema today. However, a major(More)
Camcorder piracy has great impact on the movie industry. Although there are many methods to prevent recording in theatre, no recognized technology satisfies the need of defeating camcorder piracy as well as having no effect on the audience. This paper presents a new projector display technique to defeat camcorder piracy in the theatre using a new paradigm(More)
QR (Quick Response) Codes are widely used as a convenient unidirectional communication channel to convey information, such as emails, hyperlinks, or phone numbers, from publicity materials to mobile devices. But the QR Code is not visually appealing and takes up valuable space of publicity materials. In this paper, we propose a new method to embed QR Code(More)
Ultra high definition television (UHDTV) has gradually entered our daily life. However, because of the large data of UHDTV, it is hard to render images in real time. We proposed an eye tracking based solution using the concept of uncrowned window from vision research. The theory of uncrowded window suggests that human vision can only effectively recognize(More)