Zhongnan Zhang

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Many fundamental questions on aging are still unanswered or are under intense debate. These questions are frequently not addressable by examining a single gene or a single pathway, but can best be addressed at the systems level. Here we examined the modular structure of the protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks during fruitfly and human brain aging. In(More)
OBJECTIVES The mechanisms underlying the development of age related osteoarthritis (OA) remain unclear. To better understand the pathogenesis of OA and the molecular basis of progressive destruction of articular cartilage in OA, we compared the proteome of OA cartilage with that of normal cartilage. METHODS After removal of proteoglycans and collagens,(More)
A hyperclique pattern [H. Xiong et al. (2003)] is a new type of association pattern that contains items which are highly affiliated with each other. More specifically, the presence of an item in one transaction strongly implies the presence of every other item that belongs to the same hyperclique pattern. We present a new algorithm for mining maximal(More)
Most real-world datasets have outliers. Outliers can imply abnormal states that often indicate significant performance degradation or danger in certain circumstances. Therefore, the outlier detection plays an important role in the field of data mining. This paper proposes a hybrid distance-based outlier detection approach. It uses the average distance as(More)
BACKGROUND Surface electromyography (sEMG) signal is the combined effect of superficial muscle EMG and neural electrical activity. In recent years, researchers did large amount of human-machine system studies by using the physiological signals as control signals. OBJECTIVE To develop and test a new multi-classification method to improve performance of(More)
BACKGROUND Epilepsy is a chronic disease with transient brain dysfunction that results from the sudden abnormal discharge of neurons in the brain. Since electroencephalogram (EEG) is a harmless and noninvasive detection method, it plays an important role in the detection of neurological diseases. However, the process of analyzing EEG to detect neurological(More)
BACKGROUND The computer mouse is an important human-computer interaction device. But patients with physical finger disability are unable to operate this device. Surface EMG (sEMG) can be monitored by electrodes on the skin surface and is a reflection of the neuromuscular activities. Therefore, we can control limbs auxiliary equipment by utilizing sEMG(More)
Mining dynamic interdimension association rules for local-scale weather prediction is to discover abnormal weather phenomena changing so that the professional weather forecaster can use these rules to predict some severe weather situations, such as hail storm, thunder storm and so on. A weather analysis is composed of individual analyses of the several(More)
With the explosive growth of data, the traditional clustering algorithms running on separate servers can not meet the demand. To solve the problem, more and more researchers implement the traditional clustering algorithms on the cloud computing platforms, especially for K-means clustering. But, few researchers pay attention to the K-means clustering(More)