Zhongnan Nie

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The vegetative growth and turion formation of Potamogeton crispus, a submersed aquatic macrophyte, was investigated under a range of phosphorus (P) concentrations (0.025, 0.25, 2.5 and 25 mg P L−1) in the ambient water free of algae, aiming to identify the responses of submersed aquatic macrophytes to nutrient enrichment, a common eutrophication problem in(More)
Submerged aquatic macrophytes such as Potamogeton crispus can absorb large quantities of nutrients from sediment and water, and therefore mitigate pollution and improve water quality of polluted lakes. Turions are the main propagules of P. crispus; their formation is an important process in the life cycle of the plant and relates closely to the population(More)
Soil phosphorus (P) fractions and runoff P concentration were measured to understand the fate of soil P entering surface runoff water during summer cropping season of different double cropping systems under two fertilizer regimes. The dominant form of runoff P was particulate P (PP). Runoff total P (TP) was higher at the vegetative growth stage and lower at(More)
Pasture degradation caused by overgrazing and inappropriate fertiliser management is a major production and environmental threat in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Previous research has focused on the effects of mixed nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) fertiliser and reduced grazing pressure on the plant community of the grassland; however, the role of P and how it(More)
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