Zhongmin Wu

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This paper studies the impact of remittances on the savings behaviour of rural households in China, using a cross-sectional survey. Allowing for endogeneity and leftcensoring of remittances, we find that the marginal propensity to save out of remittances is well below half of that out of other sources of incomes. Moreover, we find no evidence of any direct(More)
The mechanism of acquired aplastic anemia (AA), a bone marrow hematopoiesis failure disease, has not been fully understood. TNF-α is a pleiotropic cytokine involved in cell proliferation, differentiation and death, and inflammation through binding to specific receptors on cell membranes. Aberrant secretion of TNF-α contributes to a number of human diseases,(More)
The purpose of this paper is to examine the persistence of regional unemployment and to explore the sources of this persistence. Evidence from China suggests three empirical findings. First, provincial relative unemployment is more persistent than aggregate unemployment. Second, youth unemployment is less persistent than total unemployment. Third, although(More)
Objective: To investigate the effects of triptolide on inflammation and apoptosis induced by focal cerebral ischemia/reperfusion in rats. Methods: The rat model of focal cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury was established according to Longa's method. A total of 80 SD rats were randomly divided into 5 groups:normal control, sham group, DMSO group, middle(More)
Plants release secondary metabolites into the soil that change the chemical environment around them. Exogenous abscisic acid (ABA) is an important allelochemical whose role in successional trajectories has not been examined. We hypothesized that ABA can accumulate in the soil through successional processes and have an influence on forest dynamics. To this(More)
In this paper, we re-examine Data Envelopment Analysis models from perspectives of preference order, production set and performance measure. we investigate the relationship between Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Multiple Criteria Decision Making Theory. There are three key building blocks in a DEA model: preference order, production possibility set and(More)
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