Zhonglong Zhao

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The MgxZn(1-x)O alloy system may provide an optically tunable family of wide band gap materials that can be used in various UV luminescences, absorption, lighting, and display applications. A systematic investigation of the MgO-ZnO system using ab initio evolutionary simulations shows that MgxZn(1-x)O alloys exist in ordered ground-state structures at(More)
The crystal structures and properties of hafnium hydride under pressure are explored using the first-principles calculations based on density function theory. The material undergoes pressure-induced structural phase transition I4/mmm → Cmma → P21/m at 180 and 250 GPa, respectively, and all of these structures are metallic. The superconducting critical(More)
The high pressure structures, metallization, and superconductivity of recently synthesized H2-containing compounds (H2S)2H2 are elucidated by ab initio calculations. The ordered crystal structure with P1 symmetry is determined, supported by the good agreement between theoretical and experimental X-ray diffraction data, equation of states, and Raman spectra.(More)
The high-pressure behaviors of nitrogen-rich 1H-tetrazole (CH2N4) have been investigated by in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Raman scattering up to 75 GPa. A first crystalline-to-crystalline phase transition is observed and identified above ~3 GPa with a large volume collapse (∼18% at 4.4 GPa) from phase I to phase II. The new phase II forms(More)
The structures and properties of rhenium nitrides are studied with density function based first principle method. New candidate ground states or high-pressure phases at Re:N ratios of 3:2, 1:3, and 1:4 are identified via a series of evolutionary structure searches. We find that the 3D polyhedral stacking with strong covalent N-N and Re-N bonding could(More)
High-pressure polymorphism and phase transitions have wide ranging consequences on the basic properties of ammonium nitrate. However, the phase diagram of ammonium nitrate at high pressure and high temperature is still under debate. This study systematically investigates the phase transitions and structural properties of ammonium nitrate at a pressure range(More)
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