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Long-term monitoring of plant community composition and productivity provides evidence of how ecosystems respond to climate change. This study investigated the long-term (1981–2011) dynamics of plant species richness (SR) and community composition of a temperate grassland in Inner Mongolia, China, after the exclusion of livestock grazing. During the 30(More)
Energy-efficiency and location accuracy are two important performance metrics for indoor localization systems. However, typical indoor localization schemes based on WLAN cut gravely down smart device lifetime due to large energy consumption of scanning around wireless access points. In this paper, for the purpose of decreasing the amount of energy(More)
Annuals are an important component part of plant communities in arid and semiarid grassland ecosystems. Although it is well known that precipitation has a significant impact on productivity and species richness of community or perennials, nevertheless, due to lack of measurements, especially long-term experiment data, there is little information on how(More)
In wireless sensor networks, hierarchical clustering schemes have been widely used to enhance the quality of service. However, in mobile wireless sensor networks, node mobility dynamically influences the topology of the clustered network, thus affects the optimal cluster performance such as compactness and separation of clusters. To eliminate the influence(More)
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