Zhongling Liu

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A simple extraction method based on acetonitrile-K2HPO4 aqueous two-phase system was developed for separation and enrichment of five triazines in milk samples. Acetonitrile was used for extraction of analytes from milk sample and precipitation of milk protein. Deproteinization and extraction were achieved in one single step. Analytes were extracted into the(More)
Climate change is known to influence interannual variation in grassland aboveground net primary productivity (ANPP), or seasonal biomass, but direct, long-term ground observations are rare. We present a 22-year (1982–2003) measurement series from the Inner Mongolia grassland, China, to examine the effect of climate change on interannual variations in ANPP(More)
Long-term monitoring of plant community composition and productivity provides evidence of how ecosystems respond to climate change. This study investigated the long-term (1981–2011) dynamics of plant species richness (SR) and community composition of a temperate grassland in Inner Mongolia, China, after the exclusion of livestock grazing. During the 30(More)
The present paper summarises our recent studies on buffalo babesiosis in the Hubei province of China. It describes the pathogen and the epidemiology of the disease, the tick vector and its biology, control, immunological diagnosis, methods ofin vitro cultivation of the pathogen and their practical applications. The identity of the pathogen is discussed in(More)
Alashan desert, sited in the east of Asia desert, is a special vegetation geography area in Asia desert region. Its geographic range is from west Ordos (108 degrees E) to west Ejina (98 degrees E), and from Gobi-Altai Mountain in Mongolia (43 degrees N) to Hexi Corridor (37 degrees-39 degrees N). The annual plants grow well, and are constant synusiae that(More)
An ionic liquid-anionic surfactant based aqueous two-phase extraction was developed and applied for the extraction of tetracycline, oxytetracycline and chloramphenicol in honey. The honey sample was mixed with Na2EDTA aqueous solution. The sodium dodecyl sulfate, ionic liquid 1-octyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide and sodium chloride were added in the mixture.(More)
Packed erythrocytes infected withBabesia bovis were mixed with an equal volume of 16% dimethyl sulphoxide (DMS0) in Alsever’s solution and dispensed into 1·5 or 5 ml cryotubes. The vials were kept in liquid nitrogen (−196°C) for 26, 78, 142 or 149 days. The samples were removed from the liquid nitrogen container and rapidly thawed in a 40°C water bath. The(More)
Ultrasound-assisted ionic liquid/ionic liquid-dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (UA-IL/IL-DLLME) high-performance liquid chromatography was developed and applied to the extraction, separation and determination of sulfonamides in infant formula milk powder samples. The hydrophobic IL and hydrophilic IL were used as extraction solvent and dispersion(More)
Energy-efficiency and location accuracy are two important performance metrics for indoor localization systems. However, typical indoor localization schemes based on WLAN cut gravely down smart device lifetime due to large energy consumption of scanning around wireless access points. In this paper, for the purpose of decreasing the amount of energy(More)