Zhongliang Yu

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We investigate the problem of preemptively schedulingn jobs onm parallel machines. Whenever there is a switch from processing a job to processing another job on some machine, a set-up time is necessary. The objective is to find a schedule which minimizes the maximum completion time. Form≥2 machines, this problem obviously is NP-complete. For the case of(More)
The paper presents a piezoresistive absolute micro pressure sensor, which is of great benefits for altitude location. In this investigation, the design, fabrication, and test of the sensor are involved. By analyzing the stress distribution of sensitive elements using finite element method, a novel structure through the introduction of sensitive beams into(More)
A classical problem of geometry is the following: given a convex polygon in the plane, find an inscribed polygon of shortest circumference. In this paper we generalize this problem to arbitrary polygonal paths in space and consider two cases: in the “open” case the wanted path of shortest length can have different start and end point, whereas in the(More)
Presented in this paper is a micro-resonant acceleration sensor based on the frequency shift of quartz double ended tuning fork (DETF). The structure is silicon substrate having a proof mass supported by two parallel flexure hinges as doubly sustained cantilever, with a resonating DETF located between the hinges. The acceleration normal to the chip plane(More)
x{ Scope and Purpose. | We consider a scheduling problem in a two-processor system where (i) every job can be processed on only one machine and where (ii) there are chain-type precedence relations among the jobs. The goal is to minimize the makespan. This continues the work of Chang and Lee 1], Jansen 4] and of Kellerer and Woeginger 5]. Abstract. | We(More)
In this paper, a beam-membrane (BM) sensor for measuring friction torque in micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) gas bearings is presented. The proposed sensor measures the force-arm-transformed force using a detecting probe and the piezoresistive effect. This solution incorporates a membrane into a conventional four-beam structure to meet the range(More)
Presented is the geometry optimization for piezoresistive absolute micro-pressure sensor. A figure of merit called the performance factor (PF) is defined as a quantitative index to describe the comprehensive performances of a sensor including sensitivity, resonant frequency, and acceleration interference. Three geometries are proposed through introducing(More)
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