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CD1d-dependent NKT cells have been extensively studied; however, the function of CD8(+)NKT-like cells, which are CD1d-independent T cells with NK markers, remains unknown. Here, we report that CD1d-independent CD8(+)NKT-like cells, which express both T cell markers (TCRβ and CD3) and NK cell receptors (NK1.1, CD49b and NKG2D), are activated and(More)
The contraction phase of antigen-specific immune responses involves the apoptotic loss of numerous activated lymphocytes. While apoptotic cells are known to induce immune suppression, the mechanisms involved therein are still ambiguous. Some reports have speculated that macrophages can induce regulatory T cells (Tregs) after engulfing apoptotic cells. In(More)
Multiple soil moisture products have been generated from data acquired by satellite. However, these satellite soil moisture products are not spatially or temporally complete, primarily due to track changes, radio-frequency interference, dense vegetation, and frozen soil. These deficiencies limit the application of soil moisture in land surface process(More)
—Earthquake commonly triggers landslides and induced huge disasters in mountainous regions, claims a great number of casualties and has been a major cause of damage to transport system. One of the recent examples is the Mw 7.9 Wenchuan earthquake of May 2008. Some attempts have been made to identify and zone the landslides hazards and to present them in the(More)
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