Zhongli Chen

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Propanil (3',4'-dichloropropionanilide) is a selective post emergence herbicide for controlling broad leaf and grass weeds in rice (Oryza sativa L.). After being taken up by plants, the fate of propanil in decomposing plant material is of particular importance to the phytoremediation of the environment. Therefore, we investigated the biotransformation of(More)
Using the lattice Boltzmann equation, we numerically studied the dynamics of a physical model system, the Poiseuille flow-induced vibrations (PFIV). At a moderate Reynolds number, for flows past a cylinder that is free to move in the cross-flow direction while being fixed in the streamwise direction, between two parallel walls, a variety of distinct(More)
The anti-seasonal hydrology with 30m water fluctuations in the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR) of China attracts growing environmental and ecological concerns. We investigated the biotransformation of the herbicide propanil in plants dominating in the littoral zone of the TGR by applying the 14C-ring-labeled herbicide into non-aseptic hydroponic plant systems(More)
A motion-sensitive en-face-scanning 3-D optical coherence microscope (OCM) has been designed and constructed to study critical events in the early development of plants and animals. We describe the OCM instrument and present time-lapse movies of frog gastrulation, an early developmental event in which three distinct tissue layers are established that later(More)
In order to understand the spatial pattern of plant community and the maintenance mechanism of biodiversity in littoral zone of Three Gorges Reservoir, 110 km stretches of Pengxihe River (from estuary to the backwater of Three Gorges) were chose to study. We investigated species composition and environmental variables along 50 m long stretches of riverbank(More)
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