Zhongkui Luo

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Soil properties (i.e. soil organic carbon, SOC; soil organic nitrogen, SON; and soil C/N ratio) and vegetation in a semiarid grassland of Inner Mongolia, northern China, were studied with the method of geostatistical analysis. We examined the spatial heterogeneity of soil and plants, and possible impacts of land use on their heterogeneity and on the(More)
Quantifying soil organic carbon (SOC) dynamics at a high spatial and temporal resolution in response to different agricultural management practices and environmental conditions can help identify practices that both sequester carbon in the soil and sustain agricultural productivity. Using an agricultural systems model (the Agricultural Production Systems(More)
Global climate change is likely to alter the phenological patterns of plants due to the controlling effects of climate on plant ontogeny, especially in an urbanized environment. We studied relationships between various phenophases (i.e., seasonal biological events) and interannual variations of air temperature in three woody plant species (Prunus davidiana,(More)
Upscaling the results from process-based soil-plant models to assess regional soil organic carbon (SOC) change and sequestration potential is a great challenge due to the lack of detailed spatial information, particularly soil properties. Meta-modeling can be used to simplify and summarize process-based models and significantly reduce the demand for input(More)
Pool-based carbon (C) models are widely applied to predict soil C dynamics under global change and infer underlying mechanisms. However, it is unclear about the credibility of model-predicted C pool size, decay rate (k), and/or microbial C use efficiency (e) as only data on bulked total C is usually available for model constraining. Using observing system(More)
The amount of fresh carbon input into soil is experiencing substantial changes under global change. It is unclear what will be the consequences of such input changes on native soil carbon decomposition across ecosystems. By synthesizing data from 143 experimental comparisons, we show that, on average, fresh carbon input stimulates soil carbon decomposition(More)
The role and significance of physically protected soil organic carbon (SOC) in regulating SOC dynamics remains unclear. Here, we developed a simple theoretical model (DP model) considering dynamic physical protection to simulate the dynamics of protected (Cp ) and unprotected SOC (Cu ), and compared the modelling results with a conventional two-pool (fast(More)
Ecosystem dynamics and the responses to climate change in mangrove forests are poorly understood. We applied the biogeochemical process model Biome-BGC to simulate the dynamics of net primary productivity (NPP) and leaf area index (LAI) under the present and future climate conditions in mangrove forests in Shenzhen, Zhanjiang, and Qiongshan across the(More)