Zhongjin Li

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Cloud computing is a large-scale distributed computing paradigm, which uses a usage-based pricing model to deliver various services and resources on demand to participants globally distributed over the Internet. Cloud computing systems incorporate different types of participants with varied private valuations for resources and multi-priority tasks which(More)
Reverse transcriptase (RT) of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) has low fidelity compared with RTs of other retroviruses and cellular DNA polymerases. We and others have previously found that the fidelity of DNA-dependent DNA polymerization (DDDP) of M184V-mutated HIV-1 RT is significantly higher than that of wild-type RT. Viruses containing the(More)
Caged antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (asODNs) are synthesized by linking two ends of linear oligodeoxynucleotides using a photocleavable linker. Two of them (H30 and H40) have hairpin-like structures which show a large difference in thermal stability (Delta T(m) = 17.5 degrees C and 11.6 degrees C) comparing to uncaged ones. The other three (C20, C30 and(More)
DEDICATION To my parents v ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank Briankle Chang for his support as a guide, as a philosopher, and as the director of this project; and the members of my committee, Henry Geddes and Patrick Mensah, for their patience and guidance through the long evolution of this work. I am also grateful to Franson Manjali for introducing me(More)
The E2F1 transcription factor is an essential mediator of p53-dependent and p53-independent apoptosis as part of an anti-tumour safeguard mechanism. In this study, a functional so-called technical knockout (TKO) approach was applied to Saos-2ERE2F1 cells that conditionally activate E2F1 by the addition of 4-hydroxytamoxifen to search for p53-independent(More)
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