Zhongjie Wang

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With deep development of software reuse, componentrelated technologies have been widely applied in the development of large-scale complex applications. Component identification (CI) is one of the primary research problems in software reuse, by analyzing domain business models to get a set of business components with high reuse value and good reuse(More)
Among recent developments in the field of software reuse has been the increasing reuse of coarse-grained components, and it has been proved that granularity has great impact on component's reuse performance. However, previous studies have ignored rigorous and effective methods to support coarse-grained component identification and design, particularly(More)
As available services accumulate on the Internet, QoS-aware service selection (SSP) becomes an increasingly difficult task. Since Artificial Bee Colony algorithm (ABC) has been successful in solving many problems as a simpler implementation of swarm intelligence, its application to SSP is promising. However, ABC was initially designed for numerical(More)
As a supplement of the paper, we give further details and analysis of the globally consistent stream line segmentation algorithm. Moreover, a more detailed description of the intrinsic similarity measure for comparing the resulting segments is also provided. Notation. We make use of the following formal concepts: let v(x) denote steady differentiable vector(More)
The volatile microbial metabolite 2-methylisoborneol (2-MIB) is a root cause of taste and odor issues in freshwater. Although current evidence suggests that 2-MIB is not toxic, this compound degrades water quality and presents problems for water treatment. To address these issues, cyanobacteria and actinomycetes, the major producers of 2-MIB, have been(More)
Web services provide a successful way to communicate distributed applications, in a platform-independent and loosely coupled manner. Even though there are examples of good practice for the design, development, and management of web services, getting services to be context-aware is still under investigation. Current proposals require communication with an(More)
Amazon and Taobao publish product introduction online for customers’ personal choice and become the successful examples of modern service based on information and communication technologies. However, if they want to achieve a complex service through composing some simple services, the research of service composition platform is still rudimental. In order to(More)