Zhonghui Ou

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Haemophilus influenzae infects the upper respiratory tract of humans and can cause infections of the middle ear, sinuses and bronchi. The virulence of the pathogen is thought to involve a group of surface-localized macromolecular components that mediate interactions at the host-pathogen interface. One of these components is lipoprotein e (P4), which is a(More)
Lipoprotein e (P4) from Haemophilus influenzae belongs to the "DDDD" superfamily of phosphohydrolases and is the prototype of class C nonspecific acid phosphatases. P4 is also a component of a H. influenzae vaccine. We report the crystal structures of recombinant P4 in the ligand-free and tungstate-inhibited forms, which are the first structures of a class(More)
Deposition of anti-DNA antibodies in the kidney contributes to the pathogenesis of the autoimmune disease, systemic lupus erythematosus. Antibodies that bind to hairpin-forming DNA ligands may be particularly prone to deposition. Here we report the first structure of a Fab complexed with hairpin-forming DNA. The ligand used for co-crystallization is 5'-d(More)
A Differential Evolution (DE) is introduced to predict the parameters of the soil water retention curve (SWRC) and it is configured for reliability and efficiency with the Unsaturated Soil Hydraulic Property Database (UNSODA). The main investigated dataset is 235 samples from lab_drying_h-t table and the testing shows that the data resource is reliable and(More)
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