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Enzymatic digestion, the commonly used method of adipose-derived stromal cells isolation, is time consuming and expensive, especially when applied to large volumes of tissue. In the present study, the characteristics of the cells obtained by adipose tissue explant culture were studied. We found that adipose tissue fragments could adhere onto the growth(More)
Lung cancer continues to be the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Cigarette smoking is the predominant cause of lung cancer. Researchers found that tobacco-induced molecular changes in the oral epithelium are similar to those in the lung epithelium. Furthermore, there has been considerable progress in investigating the tumorigenesis of oral(More)
As a gamma-secretase inhibitor, DAPT has been widely used to evaluate the biological behaviors and Notch signaling pathway in various cells. This study was aimed to examine the effects of DAPT on the growth and vitamin D(3) induced osteogenesis in adipose derived stem cells (ASCs). The cells were treated with or without DAPT and induced to osteoblastic(More)
BACKGROUND Inguinal hernia is a common surgical disease. Tension-free hernioplasty is currently commonly used for its treatment, with multiple advantages such as simple surgical method, low recurrence rate, and ability to be performed in primary care hospitals, but the risk of incision infection still exists. Mild infection can be cured by local washing,(More)
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