Zhonghua Su

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When satellite is running, it may be influenced by external factors, and the measurement models of gyro and star sensor are changing with time uncertainly. This situation may lead extended Kalman filter(EKF) divergent. So new adaptive filter can be used in this situation, and it can estimate process noise and measuring noise on-time. This paper has applied(More)
The paper propose a novel method for designing fault tolerant controller based on adaptive fast terminal sliding mode control to address the tracking control problem of spacecraft with unknown external disturbances and an uncertain inertia matrix. In this approach, a robust controller based on fast terminal sliding mode control scheme is designed in the(More)
Aiming at solving the problem that the measurement accuracy and veracity of the star sensor is seriously affected by stray light for a geocentric pointing three-axis stabilized satellite, this paper analyzed how the sunlight and the moonlight impacted on the star sensor during the satellite on-orbit running. This method is proposed on basic of studying(More)
A novel adaptive sliding mode observer is designed for momentum biased satellites attitude tracking control with unmeasurable yaw attitude information. The estimated yaw attitude information, derived by sliding mode observer (SMO) which designed based on measured value of roll and pitch axis, is applied to the design of three-axis attitude adaptive sliding(More)
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