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Online forum is an important source that people use to find answers to questions. Most search engines simply retrieve " relevant " threads, but those are not necessarily good threads in terms of providing quality answers. In this paper we propose a two-step approach to classify online forum threads according to their informativeness in terms of question(More)
The number of users on Twitter has drastically increased in the past years. However, Twitter does not have an effective user grouping mechanism. Therefore tweets from other users can quickly overrun and become inconvenient to read. In this paper, we propose methods to help users group the people they follow using their provided seeding users. Two sources of(More)
A Connected Dominating Set (CDS) can be used to construct a virtual backbone for wireless and mobile ad-hoc networks to make the system hierarchical and efficient. A virtual backbone can significantly improve network throughput, optimize broadband utilization, extend network lifetime, and reduce interference as well as packet retrans-missions. Calculating a(More)
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) involves the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis (AS) and increased plasma MIF levels in diabetes mellitus (DM) patients are associated with AS. Here, we have been suggested that MIF could be a critical contributor for the pathological process of diabetes-associated AS by using adenovirus-mediated RNA interference.(More)
Online community is an important source for latest news and information. Accurate prediction of a user's interest can help provide better user experience. In this paper, we develop a recommendation system for online forums. There are a lot of differences between online forums and formal media. For example, content generated by users in online forums(More)
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