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Using transaction costs theory this paper argues that transaction costs are almost as significant as production costs when it comes to offshore outsourcing and, moreover, that it is in the field of transaction costs where China has been unable to compete with India in the supply of information technology outsourcing. The paper outlines a framework for(More)
The number of users on Twitter has drastically increased in the past years. However, Twitter does not have an effective user grouping mechanism. Therefore tweets from other users can quickly overrun and become inconvenient to read. In this paper, we propose methods to help users group the people they follow using their provided seeding users. Two sources of(More)
JAMES K. WILLSON†,§, XIAOFENG GAO†,¶, ZHONGHUA QU†,‖, YI ZHU†,∗∗, YINGSHU LI‡,†† and WEILI WU†,‡‡ †Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas 2601 North Floyd Road, Richardson, TX 75083, USA ‡Department of Computer Science, Georgia State University, USA §jkw053000@utdallas.edu ¶xiaofenggao@utdallas.edu ‖zxq071000@utdallas.edu(More)
Anoikis resistance is the prerequisite of cancer cells metastasis. Elucidation of the mechanism of anoikis resistance remains a significant challenge. We reported here a model to mimic anoikis resistant process of hepatoma cells in vitro. Experimental results indicated cell to cell aggregation could mediate anoikis resistance of BEL7402 hepatoma cells.(More)
Sustained Toll-like receptor (TLR) stimulation continuously activates antimicrobial genes but paradoxically represses inflammatory genes. This phenomenon, termed TLR tolerance, is essential for preventing fatal inflammatory conditions such as sepsis, but its underlying mechanisms are unclear. We report here that NF-κB binding nucleic acids of gene promoters(More)
The TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) has recently been implicated in the death of hepatocytes under infectious but not normal conditions. Infectious agents, such as hepatitis B virus (HBV), may play important roles in regulating the sensitivity of hepatocytes to TRAIL. Our previous studies showed that HBx, a protein encoded by the HBV genome,(More)
Corynebacterium parvum (CP), a kind of immunomodulator, has been well documented in many diseases. Non-cell C. parvum product (NCPP) is a newly-found nano-preparation. To investigate the effect of NCPP on Con A-induced murine severe hepatitis, we pretreated mice with NCPP intraperitoneally. After 12 h, ConA (25 μg/g body wt) was injected intravenously to(More)
Resistance to anoikis is a hallmark of human malignancies. Our results showed that hepatoma cells resisted anoikis by non-proliferation, non-apoptosis and cell cycle arrest which were termed synoikis-like. These synoikis-like cells are more resistant to extracellular stimuli and could spontaneously attach and proliferate again under suitable conditions,(More)
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced protein-8 like-2 (TNFAIP8L2, TIPE2) is a newly discovered negative regulator of innate immunity and cellular immunity. TIPE2 deficiency in mice causes fetal inflammatory diseases and TIPE2 downregulation in humans is associated with systemic autoimmunity. However, TIPE2 deficiency leads to a selective defect in humoral(More)