Zhonghua Huang

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To understand how to optimize performance of a partially nitrifying plant, the dynamics of Nitrospira and Nitrobacter abundance were studied over a 1 year period using quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and their relative contributions to nitrite oxidation assessed including the affects of temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO). Correlation(More)
The overgrowth of Gordonia amarae-like bacteria in the mixed liquor of an incompletely nitrifying water reclamation plant was inversely correlated with temperature (r = -0.78; P < 0.005) and positively correlated with the solids retention time (SRT) obtained a week prior to sampling (r = 0.67; P < 0.005). Drops followed by spikes in the food-to-mass ratio(More)
This study found that the ratio of Thiothrix eikelboomii to total bacterial concentrations (TH/TB) (%) was a better indicator of bulking incidents affecting effluent quality compared to absolute T. eikelboomii abundance alone. This was determined using a genus-specific Thiothrix quantitative PCR primer and probe set, which was developed in this study to(More)
A class of flexible manufacturing systems is modeled by timed Petri nets, and a new deadlock free scheduling method based on genetic algorithm and timed Petri net model is proposed. Under the framework of timed Petri nets model, the scheduling problem can be formulated as finding a feasible transition firing sequence to avoid the deadlock situation and to(More)
Spatial Mapping of air contaminant concentrations on a two-dimensional plane in outdoor air using remote sensing FTIR was conducted in this study. The quasitime-stationary experiment was carried out after chloroform and methanol dispersed 200 min later freely. The Path-Integrated Concentrations (PIC) in different optical path directions were obtained(More)
Body area communication could be a promising solution of next generation wearable networks for pervasive computing. The effect of rain on channel gain was analyzed and experimentally evaluated. A modified electric model of body channel was given and based on which the changing tendency of channel gain was studied. In rainy day, capacitances and resistances(More)
The parameter design of main components of hydrauLic excavator, mostly based on the specific structure of the system, has bad universaLity. In order to find a method that is versatile and has simple calculation process, it is figured out that different kinds of hybrid power system have the same path in the transfer of energy. The distribution of energy is(More)
An efficient algorithm based on graph-theoretic approach and genetic algorithm for finding optimal deadlock-free schedules in the automated manufacturing systems with limited central buffers is presented. The scheduling problem introduced In this work involves sequencing the operations on resources to avoid the deadlock situation and to minimize the(More)