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miR-191 and miR-135 are required for long-lasting spine remodeling associated with synaptic long term depression
It is shown that LTD induction causes global changes in miRNA transcriptomes affecting many cellular activities and it is found that actin depolymerization and AMPA receptor exocytosis are regulated for extended periods of time by miRNAs to support long-lasting spine plasticity. Expand
Expression of miRNAs and Their Cooperative Regulation of the Pathophysiology in Traumatic Brain Injury
The results of this study indicate that distinct sets of miRNAs are regulated at different post-traumatic times, and suggest that multiple miRNA species cooperatively regulate cellular pathways for the pathological changes and management of brain injury. Expand
Nuclear beta-arrestin1 functions as a scaffold for the dephosphorylation of STAT1 and moderates the antiviral activity of IFN-gamma.
It is shown that beta-arrestin1 directly interacts with STAT1 in nucleus after IFN-gamma treatment and accelerates STAT1 tyrosine dephosphorylation by recruiting TC45, which negatively regulates STAT1 transcription activity as well as the IFN -gamma-induced gene transcription. Expand
PEG10 directly regulated by E2Fs might have a role in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma
Findings link cancer genetics and epigenetics by showing that E2F acts directly upstream of an anti‐apoptosis imprinted gene, PEG10. Expand
Age–dependent regulation of synaptic connections by dopamine D2 receptors
The findings suggest an age-dependent function of D2R in spine development, provide evidence that D1R dysfunction during adolescence impairs neuronal circuits and working memory, and indicate that adolescent interventions to prevent aberrant D2 R activity protect against cognitive impairment. Expand
miR-501-3p mediates the activity-dependent regulation of the expression of AMPA receptor subunit GluA1
Expression of the Gria1-targeting miRNA miR-501-3p is increased locally in dendrites after NMDAR activation and is required for NMDAR-dependent inhibition of GluA1 expression and long-lasting spineExpand
The Schizophrenia Susceptibility Gene Dysbindin Regulates Dendritic Spine Dynamics
Time-lapse imaging in hippocampal neurons elucidate the function of dys bindin in the dynamic morphogenesis of dendritic protrusions, and reveal the essential roles of dysbindin and CaMKIIα in the stabilization ofdendritic Protrusions during neuronal development. Expand
miRNAs in synapse development and synaptic plasticity
Recent findings on the role of miRNAs in synapse development and synaptic plasticity are reviewed. Expand
NDST1-dependent heparan sulfate regulates BMP signaling and internalization in lung development
It is proposed that HS regulates BMP signaling by controlling the balance between BMP binding to HS, and that BMP receptors and NDST1-dependent modification are essential for this process. Expand