Zhonghua Hong

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Keywords: Building collapse detection Earthquake Rational polynomial coefficient Geopositioning accuracy Digital elevation model IKONOS stereo images a b s t r a c t To address the disadvantage of traditional methods providing only two-dimensional (2D) damage change of the collapsed buildings, this paper presents an approach for the detection of the(More)
High-resolution stereo satellite imagery is widely used in environmental monitoring, topographic mapping, and urban three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction. However, a critical issue in these applications using high-resolution stereo satellite imagery is to improve the accuracy of point geo-positioning. This paper presents a framework for comparison of the(More)
Attitude jitter is a common phenomenon in the application of high resolution satellites, which may result in large errors of geo-positioning and mapping accuracy. Therefore, it is critical to detect and compensate attitude jitter to explore the full geometric potential of high resolution satellites. In this paper, a framework of jitter detection and(More)
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