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Keywords: Building collapse detection Earthquake Rational polynomial coefficient Geopositioning accuracy Digital elevation model IKONOS stereo images a b s t r a c t To address the disadvantage of traditional methods providing only two-dimensional (2D) damage change of the collapsed buildings, this paper presents an approach for the detection of the(More)
This paper investigated the application of UAV-based photogrammetry for accurate 3D mapping in mine areas. The workflow was proposed, including ground control network design, image acquisition, 3D mapping and information extraction, and accuracy evaluation. In image processing, the methods for accurate geo-referencing, DTM/DOM generation, and ortho-image(More)
High-resolution stereo satellite imagery is widely used in environmental monitoring, topographic mapping, and urban three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction. However, a critical issue in these applications using high-resolution stereo satellite imagery is to improve the accuracy of point geo-positioning. This paper presents a framework for comparison of the(More)
In various kinds of emergency, it's the proper decision-making and timely medical treatment that will effectively save lives and lower the damage to a minimum. Steady advances in wireless networking, medical sensor and interoperability software create exciting possibilities for improving the way of providing emergency care in prehospital situations. A(More)
Attitude jitter is a common phenomenon in the application of high resolution satellites, which may result in large errors of geo-positioning and mapping accuracy. Therefore, it is critical to detect and compensate attitude jitter to explore the full geometric potential of high resolution satellites. In this paper, a framework of jitter detection and(More)
Aiming at the scarcity of research of vehicle's navigation in non-signal environment, this paper prevents an approach of automatic path planning and navigation by two stereo cameras. Our approach is consist of three major steps. The first issue is stereo cameras calibration, to get parameters of camera. And then, SGM (Semi-Global Matching) algorithm,(More)
Using high resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Orientation is vital for improve the accuracy of mapping. Two experiments were designed to examine the spatial distribution and quality of the ground control points (GCPs) on the influence of geographical deviation. Take different selection method for the spatial distribution of the GCPs in the first set(More)
Hyperspectral remote sensing technology can acquire nearly continuous spectrum information and rich sea ice image information, thus providing an important means of sea ice detection. However, the correlation and redundancy among hyperspectral bands reduce the accuracy of traditional sea ice detection methods. Based on the spectral characteristics of sea(More)