Zhonghua Cheng

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To improve the efficiency of reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) analysis, case-based reasoning (CBR), as a kind of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, was successfully introduced into RCM analysis process, and a framework for intelligent RCM analysis (IRCMA) was studied. The idea for IRCMA is based on the fact that the historical records of RCM(More)
Because railway locomotives are complex and highly correlated with each other among its components, it is difficult to make criticality evaluation by using traditional methods. In the present work, a criticality evaluation index model of the locomotive is established and the Monte Carlo simulation method is employed to obtain the criticality priority of the(More)
In this paper, a three-species Lotka-Volterra food-chain model with spatial diffusion and time delays is investigated. We first analyze the local stability of the steady states and the existence of Hopf bifurcation to this system under homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. We consider the effects of impulses on the dynamics of the above food-chain model(More)
Warranty service is an important tool of market competition to producer, is also an important criterion for consumer. Along with developing of technology, information-based products with advanced technique and complex structure have been developed and produced. Improvement of technique performance and complexity not only result in increased cost of(More)
It is important to detect the position of contact points between the grasped object and the fingertips of dexterous hand. The method using force/torque sensor mounted at fingertip is simpler and easier than the tactile sensor to get the contact position. However, there are two problems held back the application of the former when the sensing data is(More)
In order to solve the maintenance outsourcing pattern choosing problem for mechanical manufacturing enterprises equipment, a two stage maintenance outsourcing patterns choosing model based on core competence theory and AHP is proposed which aims at different equipments. For key equipment, the model claims strategic outsourcing pattern and then chooses core(More)
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