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This paper studies the name lookup issue with longest prefix matching, which is widely used in URL filtering, content routing/switching, etc. Recently Content-Centric Networking (CCN) has been proposed as a clean slate future Internet architecture to naturally fit the contentcentric property of today’s Internet usage: instead of addressing end hosts, the(More)
Regular expression pattern matching is the foundation and core engine of many network functions, such as network intrusion detection, worm detection, traffic analysis, web applications and so on. DFA-based solutions suffer exponentially exploding state space and cannot be remedied without sacrificing matching speed. Given this scalability problem of(More)
With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, there will be huge amount of electric vehicles visiting the battery charging station to change their batteries. In the charging station, a robotic arm may move back and forth thousands of times to change batteries for vehicles every day, which results in huge energy consumption. However, it is difficult(More)
The Internet has become one of the most important elements in our daily lives. There are plenty of interactive applications available for billions of users that provide different kinds of interactions. These user interactions may form an intermittently connected network for information propagation. In such networks, e.g., interactive forum, website, and(More)
As wearable devices gain widespread acceptance among the general population, there is a crying need to ensure that relevant privacy and security vulnerabilities are to minimize the hazards. Biometrics become very important in our daily lives due to its relative security and convenience compared with traditional personal identification data. In this paper,(More)
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