Zhonghao Yang

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Multi-target visual tracking is a difficult problem in both academic and engineering aspects due to its inherent ambiguity in perspective projection and multi-target management. The paper introduces an improved algorithm to integrate visual cues from multi-camera observations. The geometrical constraints from the overlapping camera views, coupled with(More)
Autonomous ontology learning is a critical task to reduce the cost of ontology construction for knowledge based systems. This paper provides a cognitive model for ontology learning system, which aims to develop a novel model for knowledge structuring based on the interaction between the process of ontology construction and cognitive psychology. During(More)
Ontology learning has become a popular research field recently. But most ontology construction methods are semiautomatic, and the construction process of ontology is still a tedious and painstaking task. The cognitive model of ontology learning is an automatic model of ontology construction that simulates the process of human being recognizing the world.(More)
Although it is easier to acquire knowledge from structured or unstructured data with NLP (Nature Language Processing) and Machine Learning techniques, it is still difficult to exclude logic errors using reinforcement learning on ontology construction. Ontology reduction is a key step when a learner agent removes the knowledge from the existing ontology in(More)
As a kind of knowledge description methods, ontology has been used in reasoning related field to obtain more reasonable results, such as Semantic Web, Decision Support System, Data Integration etc. However, the construction of the ontology is still a time-consuming work for the experts. Although there are many ontology learning methods to acquire ontology(More)
In modern cyberspace environments, big data streams are the most important issue in people's daily lives, each person consumes a larger number of data streams every day. Security risks of storage and transmission of data streams may lead to personal privacy disclosure, it is important for network security to have useful tools facing challenges. Randomness(More)
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