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Pear black spot (PBS) disease, which is caused by Alternaria alternata (Aa), is one of the most serious diseases affecting sand pear (Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai) cultivation worldwide. To investigate the defense mechanisms of sand pear in response to Aa, the transcriptome of a sand pear germplasm with differential resistance to Aa was analyzed using Illumina(More)
A new authentication algorithm for grid identity trusted computing unlimited by hardware is presented; the trusted root is made as an image data. The grid entity is trusted in the soft platform when its feature of image root is entirely matched with that from the other entities’ feature database in a scale space process. To recognize and detect the stable(More)
ForCES (Forwarding and Control Element Separation) architecture brought forward by IETF shows great advantages for network devices such as routers, wireless base stations and etc to be flexible, programmable, and cost-effective. This paper researches on the transaction mechanism in ForCES router, based on the analysis of transaction requirement of ForCES,(More)
BACKGROUND Xiamen is a pilot city in China for hierarchical diagnosis and treatment reform of non-communicable diseases, especially diabetes. Since 2012, Xiamen has implemented a program called the "three-in-one", a team-based care model for the treatment of diabetes, which involves collaboration between diabetes specialists, general practitioners, and(More)
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