Zhongguan Wang

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This paper describes a fully distributed power dispatch method that can achieve fast frequency recovery and minimal generation cost for autonomous microgrids. The method is comprised of two stages. In the first stage, a subgradient-based consensus algorithm is used to recover frequency. The equal increment rate criteria is incorporated into this algorithm(More)
This paper proposes a fully distributed control method for dc microgrids to realize power balance and bus voltage recovery without central coordination. Based on peer-to-peer communication, distributed generators and energy storage systems need only exchange information between neighbors over a sparse communication network, and hence there is a minimal(More)
Microgrids are always connected to utility grid and the grid connection code must be satisfied. Therefore, it's necessary to control the exchanged active power between microgrids and utility grid on point of common coupling (PCC) by regulating distributed resources (DERs). In this paper, this control problem is formulated firstly. Then a distributed method(More)
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