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Researchers from the U. produced a 1 km resolution global land cover characteristics database for use in a wide range of continental-to global-scale environmental studies. This database provides a unique view of the broad patterns of the biogeographical and ecoclim-atic diversity of the global land surface, and presents a detailed interpretation of the(More)
In the field of tourism, the development of tourist attractions is gradually playing a crucial role in tourism economy, regional economy and national economy. While tourism economy is stimulated by growing demand, tourist attractions have been facing the situation that ecological environment is becoming fragile and environmental protection is increasingly(More)
Detecting early warning signs of ecosystem degradation in nature reserves requires ultrasensitive biological indicators. We assessed the potential of using multihabitat assessment of benthic algae (growing on submerged vegetation, rocks, and dead trees) to detect early warning signs of nutrient enrichment in nine karstic lakes in Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve,(More)
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