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—The emerging technology of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has become more affordable and practicable for power line inspections. In this paper, we propose a multi-platform UAV system and multi-model communication system for highly efficient power line inspection tasks in China. The different UAVs cooperatively serve as long-distance imaging, short distance(More)
In the context of energy crisis, environmental pollution, and energy abandoning in the large-scale centralized clean energy generation, distributed energy has become an inevitable trend in the development of China’s energy system. Distributed photovoltaic boasts great potential for development in China due to resource advantages and policy support. However,(More)
The electric power industry has implemented the reform of separating generation from transmission. generation sell the electricity only by its bidding, and transmission buy the electricity for the customs with the goal of the lowest charge. When the hydropower and thermal power both exist in a power system, to save coal and protect environment, the(More)
Natural gas hydrate, also known as combustible ice, and mainly composed of methane, is identified as a potential clean energy for the 21st century. Due to its large reserves, gas hydrate can ease problems caused by energy resource shortage and has gained attention around the world. In this paper, we focus on the exploration and development of gas hydrate as(More)