Zhongfeng Zhang

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Cyclobalanopsis glauca is an important afforestation tree species that is widely used for revegetating the karst region of southwest China. Vegetation in this region is regularly commonly subjected to drought stress because of the geology and water shortages. Here, we investigated the influence of two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) Glomus mosseae and(More)
Seasonal drought may have a high impact on the karst ecosystem. The transpiration from Cyclobalanopsis glauca (syn. Quercus glauca) stand on a rocky hilly slope in South China was measured during the dry period of 2006 by using the Granier’s sap-flow method. During the experimental period, maximum sap flux density (J s) ranged from 20 to 40 g H2O m−2 s−1(More)
To determine the effects of straw incorporation on soil nutrients, enzyme activity, and aggregates in tobacco fields, we conducted experiments with different amounts of wheat and maize straw in Zhucheng area of southeast Shandong province for three years (2010–2012). In the final year of experiment (2012), straw incorporation increased soil organic carbon(More)
Populus nigra has been introduced and largely planted in China, and the waste wood was still abandoned. Therefore, the wood extractives of Populus nigra were studied to further utilize the bio-resources. The result shown that the optimal extraction time of ethanol/methanol extraction, petroleum ether/acetic ether extraction, and benzene/alcohol extraction(More)
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