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The emergence of hyperspectral optical satellite sensors for ocean observation provides potential for more detailed information from aquatic ecosystems. The German hyperspectral satellite mission EnMAP (enmap.org) currently in the production phase is supported by a project to explore the capability of using EnMAP data and other future hyperspectral data(More)
Suspended particles in waters play an important role in determination of optical properties and ocean color remote sensing. To link suspended particles to their optical properties and thereby remote sensing reflectance (R rs (λ)), cross-sectional area is a key factor. Till now, there is still a lack of methodologies for derivation of the particle(More)
We develop a Lagrangian model to simulate the transport and distributions of zooplankton in the Gulf of Lions (GoL) coupling with the circulation model Symphonie and an individual based model (IBM). We consider zooplankton behaviour using a simple swimming pattern. Chlorophyll a concentrations retrieved from SeaWiFS data are used to estimate the food(More)