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This paper investigates the single period inventory Newsboy problem in a general uncertain environment. Here it is assumed that the uncertainty appears in the market demand of the product. Uncertain demand is used to describe a subjective estimate (not estimated by random/fuzzy demand), linguistically expressed by ''demand is about n''. Using identification(More)
Numerous empirical studies show that portfolio returns are generally asymmetric, and investors would prefer a portfolio return with larger degree of asymmetry when the mean value and variance are same. In order to measure the asymmetry of fuzzy portfolio return, a concept of skewness is defined as the third central moment in this paper, and its mathematical(More)
This paper presents portfolio selection problems with ambiguous returns assumed as " return is about ξ " which is neither estimated by randomness nor fuzziness. Portfolio selection problems in uncertain environment are formulated as nonlinear programming models based on uncertain programming approaches. Since there is no efficient solution method to solve(More)
Keywords: Credibility theory Production planning Optimal control Fuzzy control system Liu process a b s t r a c t A considerable part of the literature on fuzzy sets is devoted to the field of fuzzy control system. In this paper, an alternative control system is introduced to describe a dynamic system with fuzzy white noise. In order to find optimal ways to(More)