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This paper investigates the single period inventory Newsboy problem in a general uncertain environment. Here it is assumed that the uncertainty appears in the market demand of the product. Uncertain demand is used to describe a subjective estimate (not estimated by random/fuzzy demand), linguistically expressed by ''demand is about n''. Using identification(More)
Numerous empirical studies show that portfolio returns are generally asymmetric, and investors would prefer a portfolio return with larger degree of asymmetry when the mean value and variance are same. In order to measure the asymmetry of fuzzy portfolio return, a concept of skewness is defined as the third central moment in this paper, and its mathematical(More)
Facility location-allocation (FLA) problem, which has been proved to be a valuable method in siting service facility, is widely used in real life, such as emergency service systems, telecommunication networks, public services, etc. However, in real-world situations, the decision maker often lack the information about the customers' demands, which leads to(More)
Keywords: Credibility theory Production planning Optimal control Fuzzy control system Liu process a b s t r a c t A considerable part of the literature on fuzzy sets is devoted to the field of fuzzy control system. In this paper, an alternative control system is introduced to describe a dynamic system with fuzzy white noise. In order to find optimal ways to(More)