Zhongda Zhang

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• It is well established that individual organisms can acclimate and adapt to temperature to optimize their functioning. However, thermal optimization of ecosystems, as an assemblage of organisms, has not been examined at broad spatial and temporal scales. • Here, we compiled data from 169 globally distributed sites of eddy covariance and quantified the(More)
This paper proposes and designs a novel human vital signals monitor system based on wireless sensor network. It can realize the real-time measurement of multi-points and multi-signals at the same time. This system adopts RF controller CC2510 as the control core and SimpliciTI protocol to set up wireless network. After gathering the signals of temperature,(More)
It is a complex problem of multi-objective decision making on venture capital in real estate. The weight was given according to base points and maximal entropy. Calculate the ratio of the distance among evaluation objects to ideal sequence and to anti-ideal sequence, and then arrange the investment schemes. Application results shows that the method is(More)
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