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This paper describes an Enhanced Brute Force Algorithm application to optimise train trajectory (driving speed curve) for Automatic Train Operation (ATO) systems. A multi-train simulator was developed specifically for the study. It can be used to simulate the movement of railway vehicles and calculate the detailed power system energy consumption with(More)
The modeling and simulation of the electrified transit system is an essential element in the design process of a new railway, or an existing one being modernized, particularly in DC powered railway systems which have significant losses in the power network. With the continuing focus on environmental concerns and rising energy prices, energy-saving operation(More)
With rising concerns on energy and environment, the energy-efficient operation techniques in railway systems are paid more attention in recent years. The metro-transit system has some distinguishing features like short headway and a high number of stations with short interstation distance, which makes effectively using regenerative energy becoming more(More)
As the energy prices and environmental concerns increasing, improving railway operation efficiency, which is an effective method to reduce energy consumption and operation expense, attracts people attention. In metro systems, the two traditional approaches to minimise energy consumption are optimising the timetable and driving strategy, respectively. In(More)
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