ZhongCheng Wu

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External force at the end-effector is often required for the force control of robotic manipulator. In some cases, the force information measured by wrist force sensor consists of the external force and the undesired inertial force arising from the acceleration of the end-effector. Up to now, it is still difficult to extract the external force exactly for(More)
At present, many kinds of handwriting-based applications have been developed. But up to now, all dynamic information describing writing process including forces, trajectories, velocities, accelerations and slants can't be acquired simultaneously by a single device. This paper introduces a new kind of tablet for on-line handwriting signal capture. With a(More)
In robotic force feedback application, the acceleration and deceleration of end manipulator will add additional inertial forces/torques to six-axis wrist force/torque sensors. It is desirable to measure the interaction force of manipulator to its environment for controlling purpose. A 12 DOF (degree of freedom) force/torque sensor, which integrates a(More)
A smart transducer network consisting of a set of transducer nodes with digital bus was introduced in this paper for robot sensing system real-time measurement and control. The design idea was based on IEEE1451 transducer interface standards, which utilize existing controlling network technology and develop standardized connection methods for smart(More)
With the fast development of humanoid robot with high intelligence and accuracy, the improvement of comprehensive performance of 6-axis force/toque sensor(F/T sensor) has been constantly emphasized and further put forward to a higher demand. Except that a good proper mechanical design to guarantee the precision of the F/T sensor, the calibration quality is(More)
The mechanism of the sensory-to-motor transformation as well as motor-to-sensory transformation of human beings has attracted much attention in recent years. As no efficient device can record hand intrinsic behavior, it is difficult to get its neuro-physiological models of sensory-motor coordination. In this paper, we offer a system to acquire the(More)