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The structural blue color of a Morpho butterfly originates from the diffraction of light and interference effects due to the presence of the microstructures on the wing of the butterfly. Structural color on the surface of a damselfish reversibly changes between green and blue. Inspired by these creatures, we have been trying to prepare high-quality and(More)
An optical nose chip is developed using surface functionalized mesoporous colloidal photonic crystal beads as elements. The prepared optical nose chip displays excellent discrimination among a very wide range of compounds, not only the simplex organic vapors from the different or same chemical family, but also the complex expiratory air from different(More)
Composite materials comprised of nematic liquid crystals (LCs) and SiO(2) inverse opal films were fabricated. Their optical properties were quite different from those of inverse opal films without the LCs. The optical properties could be controlled by changing the refractive indices of the LCs, which vary with orientation, phase, and temperature. In(More)
A convenient approach was developed to fabricate monodisperse nigrosine-doped poly(methyl methacrylate-co-divinylbenzene-co-methacrylic acid) nanoparticles with different cross-linkage by soap-free emulsion polymerization at boiling status and swelling process. The dye-doped nanoparticles were used for the fabrication of colloidal crystal films and beads.(More)
In this work, superhydrophobic surfaces were derived from binary colloidal assemblies. CaCO(3)-loaded hydrogel spheres and silica or polystyrene ones were consecutively dip-coated on silicon wafers. The former assemblies were recruited as templates for the latter self-assembly. Due to the hydrophilicity difference between silicon wafers and CaCO(3)-loaded(More)