Zhong-xu Han

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The fuzzy-control usually takes the error and the error derivative between the output and the set point of the system as the input of the controller. But from the pure mathematical point of view, the variable and itpsilas every rank derivative of the system can be seen as the each state of the system. This paper shows some limitation of the classical(More)
Boiler super-heater steam temperature control object is generally with characteristic of parameters slow time variable, big inertia and larger time lag. Using the IFO-KDeltax and PI state observer for reference, the concept of "Incremental PI Function Observer in Broad Sense" (IFO-PI/BS) is presented. Theorem on stable conditions of control system based on(More)
The boiler thermal control system is well known with the characteristic of slow time-varying, large lag and large inertia. Adopting generalized Jordan block and algebra equivalence transform method, all of the transfer functions at different load points is transformed to state-space description with time variable. According to engineering practice of(More)
Forced resonance mechanism is one of many reasons of power system low frequency oscillations. According to this reason, the interactions between thermal system and power system are considered and the sources of resonance mechanism low frequency oscillations in power system are searched from thermal system in this paper. The custom modeling method is adopted(More)
The research on mathematical model of coordinate control system (CCS) of boiler-turbine generator unit in thermal control field has achieved some significant results. But there are still some important theoretical and conceptual issues. And the correctness of every type of mathematical model has a direct effect on its practical application. Such as Bell-(More)
The proof of stability for an observer is very important for it can be used in engineering application. Adopting state-space method to describe the synthetic coordinated control system that is combined with state feedback based on incremental function observer (IFO-KDeltax) merging PID controller and plus intelligent control, the sufficient condition of(More)
According to the dynamic characteristics and static relationship of boiler steam temperature controlled object, to establish the model of boiler steam temperature, it can be described by block diagrams or state space, which has the full scope non-linear and time-varying characteristics. The section transfer functions can be converted into variable state(More)
Taken the thermal power plant super-heater temperature as research background, to explore a modeling method of high order with different capacity part, which can describe a class of nonlinear system effectively, the dynamic characteristic of super-heater temperature with controlled object can be described by a unified mathematic model which is with the same(More)
Thermal power plant dynamic response with big delay has an impact for long-term power system dynamic process. Former governor in transient simulation can not meet the needs of long-term dynamic simulation. In order to study the long-term dynamic characteristic of generator in power system, it is presented a generalized speed governor model used in long-term(More)