Zhong-shun Yang

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Artemisinin and its derivatives exhibit potent immunosuppressive activity. The aim of this study was to investigate the suppressive effects of SM905, a new water-soluble artemisinin derivative, on T lymphocytes both in vitro and in vivo, and explore its potential mode of action. The results showed that SM905 had a high inhibitory activity in Concanavalin A(More)
This study examined the behavioral and physiological effects of long-term exposure to overdose of aversive odor (predator odor) in two species of hamsters. About 0.05 mg of anal gland secretions of Siberian weasels (Mustela sibirica) was smeared at the oronasal groove of wild male ratlike hamsters (Cricetulus triton) (natural prey) and laboratory golden(More)
A series of novel dihydroartemisinin derivatives were synthesized and evaluated on their immunosuppressive activity in the search for potential immunosuppressive agents with high efficacy and low toxicity. These compounds were assayed in their cytotoxicity of lymphocyte, inhibition activity on concanavalin A (ConA) induced T cell proliferation and(More)
Novel artemisinin derivatives bearing Mannich base group were prepared and tested for their antimalarial activity. These water-soluble artemisinin derivatives were more stable than sodium artesunate and few compounds were found to be more active against Plasmodium berghei in mice than artesunic acid by oral administration. Two most potent derivatives 17b(More)
Another series of novel dihydroartemisinin derivatives were synthesized and assessed for their cytotoxicity of lymphocyte, inhibitory activity on mitogen-induced spleen lymphocyte proliferation in vitro. Some of the compounds exhibited inhibitory effects on ConA-induced T cell and LPS-induced B cell proliferation comparable to or more potent than parent(More)
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