Zhong-sheng Wang

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To further improve the localization accuracy for nodes in wireless sensor network, this paper proposes an improved range-based localization algorithm in wireless sensor network. Firstly, some anchor nodes are optimized and chosen. Then optimized anchor nodes databases are created using those optimized anchor nodes. Secondly, the distance, which between(More)
In this paper, building a prototype system and the Honeynet secure remote log server, based on the right on the remote log server log data analysis and mining, will Honeynet log mining analytical framework designed to achieve pre-processing of log data, through the IDA to the pre-log data mining, Finally, the results were analyzed to achieve the purpose of(More)
XQuery has been known as a language for querying XML, but it even can be a server-side scripting language for dynamic web application. This paper proposes an approach based on XQuery language for implementing web searching. It describes how to create XQuery application and perform web queries. XQuery scripts can be compiled into server-side executable(More)
Sensor Network has a wide application foreground, and it has became one of actual research hotspot. Because of heterogenous features, it is very difficult to inter-operate these sensor networks in order to efficiently assign resources and share data. Sensor Web Enablement(SWE) has been a defacto industry standard. This paper analyses the background of SWE,(More)
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