Zhong-ning Zhang

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At the present moment, the smallest piezoelectric ultrasonic micro-motors utilizing miniature PZT piezoelectric ceramic tubes were developed. The motor consists of a PZT-metal composite tube stator, two steel rotors and a thin shaft that keeps the two rotors pressing on both ends of the stator elastically. The dimensions of the PZT tube are 1.0 mm in outer(More)
(1120)-textured ZnO films are deposited on Rsapphire substrate by RF magnetron sputtering and the effects of deposition conditions on ZnO films are investigated. The chemical compositions of the ZnO films are characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and the results indicate that the ratio of latticed oxygen to zinc increases with increasing of(More)
The study on the community structure of arthropod in the alpine cabbage fields of Hubei Province showed that the dominant pests were Brevicoryne brassicae, Mamestra brassicae and Plutella xylostella, while the dominant natural enemies were Diaeretiella rapae, Cotesia plutella, Erigonidum gramiaicolum and Syrphus corollae. The richness, diversity index,(More)
In general, two major factors effect on the measurement precision of ultrasonic transit-time gas flowmeter: the calculations of gas velocity distribution in the pipe and the measurements of the transit time of ultrasonic transmitting from one transducer to another. In this paper, considering the affect factors, a new design of ultrasonic gas flow meter is(More)
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