Zhong-ming Wen

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Important Disclaimer: CSIRO advises that the information contained in this publication comprises general statements based on scientific research. The reader is advised and needs to be aware that such information may be incomplete or unable to be used in any specific situation. No reliance or actions must therefore be made on that information without seeking(More)
The prediction and mapping of potential vegetation distribution is of instructive to the ecological restoration planning. By using generalized additive model (GAM) and in combining with GIS spatial analyst and environmental stratification sampling techniques, a distribution model for 24 dominant species in Yanhe River catchment was developed, and, based on(More)
The relationship between vegetation and soil moisture deserves attention due to its scientific importance and practical applications. However, the effects of soil moisture on vegetation development and succession are poorly documented. Here we study soil water storage in Yanhe watershed at northern Shaanxi on five different land uses, namely shrubland,(More)
Soil carbon sequestration is an ecosystem process that can provide important ecosystem services such as climate regulation and mitigation of global warming. Spatiotemporal variation in the soil organic carbon (SOC) stock is the basic information needed for landscape management and determination of regional carbon budgets. The objective of this study was to(More)
Planting trees on the right sites is the first principle in silviculture, but it is not easy to apply at a large scale, especially in complex terrain such as mountainous regions. In hilly and gully landscapes of China's Loess Plateau, the environmental heterogeneity is so great that it is very difficult to choose the right sites for planting trees. The long(More)
To understand the relationship between plant community succession and soil nutrient dynamics is crucial in intervening vegetation succession. This paper reported the results from a study carried out in a forest-steppe zone on the Loess Plateau, with emphasis on the vegetation characteristics and soil nutrient dynamics duringvegetation restoration on(More)
This article selected zonal plant communities as the research objects in different vegetation zones in Yanhe River basin. We measured six leaf traits of the dominant species and main accompanying species in each community, and then analyzed the relationships and their changes along with environmental gradients between these traits in order to understand the(More)
Increasing evidence indicates that current dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs) have suffered from insufficient realism and are difficult to improve, particularly because they are built on plant functional type (PFT) schemes. Therefore, new approaches, such as plant trait-based methods, are urgently needed to replace PFT schemes when predicting the(More)
Based on the concept of structured vegetation cover index (Cs) and by using TM images as the information source, the extraction way of Cs for Loess Area in North Shaanxi by using remote sensing techniques was explored. In study area, Cs was better than the traditional projected vegetation coverage index in expressing the relationships between vegetation(More)
Oriental arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis) is an important afforestation and ornamental tree species, which is native in eastern Asian. Therefore, a global suitable habitat map for oriental arborvitae is urgently needed for global promotion and cultivation. Here, the potential habitat and climatic requirements of oriental arborvitae at global scale were(More)