Zhong-hua Ning

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CIK cells therapy has been evaluated as an adoptive cell immunotherapy for cancer patients, but there still have not been any standardized systems for evaluating the antitumor efficacy yet. The WHO and RECIST criteria have already been established for a few years but not sufficient to fully characterize the activity of immunotherapy. Based on these two(More)
This study was designed to compare the analgesic effects of cryoanalgesia and parecoxib in lung cancer patients after lobectomy. A total of 178 lung cancer patients awaiting large-sized lobectomy were enrolled in the study. The patients were randomly divided into Group A (intercostal nerve cryoanalgesia) and Group B (parecoxib). The analgesic and adverse(More)
INTRODUCTION The 7th American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) tumor-node-metastasis staging system for esophageal cancer defined N classification based on the number of metastatic lymph nodes (LNs). However, this classification might neglect the extent of LNs metastasis. This study aimed to revise N classification based on the extent of LNs metastasis and(More)
This study determined the levels of serum ferritin (SF) and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) in elderly patients with advanced primary lung cancer (PLC), and aimed to investigate the correlation between the SF level and clinical characteristics and compare the positive rates of SF and CEA levels in PLC patients and those in normal subjects. The SF and CEA(More)
The present study aimed to explore the importance of P53 and Cox-2 protein expression in esophageal cancer and assess their influence on prognosis. The expression of P53 and Cox-2 was assessed in esophageal cancer samples from 195 patients subjected to radical surgery at Changzhou First A correlation was identified between P53 expression and overall(More)
BACKGROUND The performance of single arc VMAT (VMAT1) for nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) on the Axesse linac has not been well described in previous studies. The purpose of this study is to assess the feasibility of VMAT1 for NPC by comparing the dosimetry, delivery efficiency, and accuracy with dual arc VMAT (VMAT2), dynamic MLC intensity-modulated(More)
BACKGROUND Prognosis of locally advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) remains dismal even after curative resection and adjuvant radiotherapy. New biomarkers for predicting prognosis and treatment outcomes are needed for improved treatment stratification of patients with locally advanced ESCC. The prognostic and treatment predictive significance(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate levels of CD44 standard variant (CD44s), CD44 variant exon 3 (CD44v3) and CD44 variant exon 6 (CD44v6) protein in breast cancer tissue, and investigate their relationships with clinicopathological characteristics of the disease. METHODS Immunohistochemistry for CD44s, CD44v3 and CD44v6 was retrospectively performed on formalin-fixed(More)
Chronochemotherapy has been proposed as a promising modality to provide timely optimized medication to achieve maximum efficacy with minimum side effect for patients with non-small cell lung cancer for years. We collected the data of 11 clinical studies performed in China with the purpose to compare the difference between chronochemotherapy and traditional(More)
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