Zhong-can Ou-Yang

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Recently experiments showed that some adhesive receptor-ligand complexes increase their lifetimes when they are stretched by mechanical force, while the force increase beyond some thresholds their lifetimes decrease. Several specific chemical kinetic models have been developed to explain the intriguing transitions from the " catch-bonds " to the "(More)
Response time-delay is an ubiquitous phenomenon in biological systems. Here we use a simple stochastic population model with time-delayed switching-rate conversion to quantitatively study the biological influence of the response time-delay on the survival fitness of cells living in periodically fluctuating and stochastic environment, respectively. Our(More)
Extracting the intrinsic kinetic information of biological molecule from its single-molecule kinetic data is of considerable biophysical interest. In this work, we theoretically investigate the feasibility of inferring single RNA's intrinsic kinetic parameters from the time series obtained by forced folding/unfolding experiment done in the light tweezer,(More)
Exact numerical methods and stochastic simulation methods are developed to study the force stretching single RNA issue on the secondary structure level in equilibrium. By computing the force-extension curves on the constant force and the constant extension ensembles, we find the two independent methods agree with each other quite well. To show the precision(More)
We modify and extend the recently developed statistical mechanical model for predicting the thermodynamic properties of chain molecules having noncovalent double-stranded conformations, as in RNA or ssDNA, and β−sheets in protein, by including the constant force stretching at one end of molecules as in a typical single-molecule experiment. The conformations(More)
Because the constant extension ensemble of single chain molecule is not always equivalent with constant force ensemble, a model of double-stranded conformations, as in RNA molecules and β-sheets in proteins, with fixed extension constraint is built in this paper. Based on polymer-graph theory and the self-avoiding walks, sequence dependence and(More)
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