Zhong-Zheng Li

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When the vector hydrophone is applied to the underwater platform, the acoustic wave that scattered by the platform has a serious impact on the measuring properties of the vector hydrophone. Regarding to the vector hydrophone's engineering application, a study on the near-field acoustic characteristics of the finite elastic plate is reported. In this paper,(More)
The parametric array can generate low-frequency, high-directivity beam with small-aperture, and it is widely used in underwater navigation, underwater communication, seafloor sediments detection, sub-bottom physiognomy surveying and mapping. However, the parametric array's conversion efficiency is very low, severely restricting the parametric array's(More)
A split root system consisting of two compartments was installed to study the effects of nitrogen form and its supply position on the growth of maize seedlings under partial root-zone water stress. Polyethylene glycol (PEG 6000) was added to the nutrient solution in one compartment to simulate partial root-zone water stress, while nitrogen was set as three(More)
Among numerous theory models for describing the parametric array's near-field acoustic characteristics, the KZK equation is the most accurate theoretical model. However, the computation efficiency is low by using the frequency-domain method for the parametric array's sound field. The paper drew ideas from the time-domain method to separate the operator, and(More)
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