Zhong Yong

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Middleware facilitates the development of distributed systems by accommodating heterogeneity, hiding distribution details and providing a set of common and domain specific services. It plays a central and essential role for developing distributed systems. However, middleware is considered a mean rather than core elements of development process in the(More)
The reasonable carry on the development and exploitations of the land are the guarantees for keeping on the development, how to use remote sensing data to carry on land use dynamic monitoring fast, accurately, in time and provide scientist bases and technique supports for the macroscopic decision of the all levels government have already become a universal(More)
A phase I/II clinical trial for treating malignant melanoma by boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) was designed to evaluate whether the world's first in-hospital neutron irradiator (IHNI) was qualified for BNCT. In this clinical trial planning to enroll 30 patients, the first case was treated on August 19, 2014. We present the protocol of this clinical(More)
Spatio-temporal database is a application base of Temporal GIS, meanwhile, its basic theory is spatio-temporal data model. Traditional GIS, often was be called Static GIS, generally not keep the history variety or reserve the overall situation state snapshot sequence of some typical models time dot. But the Temporal GIS not only emphasize the space feature(More)
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