Zhong Yong

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Middleware facilitates the development of distributed systems by accommodating heterogeneity, hiding distribution details and providing a set of common and domain specific services. It plays a central and essential role for developing distributed systems. However, middleware is considered a mean rather than core elements of development process in the(More)
Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) and Model-driven Architecture (MDA) are very important as technologies to resolving lifecycle challenges of DRE systems, including requirements analysis, design, validation, development and testing. This paper provides two contributions to the study of DRE systems development. First, analyzes non-functional requirements of(More)
X3D can be used in industrial monitor and control applications. There exist frequent vast data interactions in these applications. Standard scene access interface in X3D can't right meet it. And X3D also supports the criterion extension oriented to specified markets. This paper presents a suit of communication nodes. Based on direct-output-event mechanism(More)
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