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Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is emerging as one of the most common diseases seriously threatening the health of elderly men. Accumulating evidences indicate that hypoxia could induce BPH. However, the underlying mechanism of BPH induced by hypoxia is not clear. In the study, hypoxia-induced autophagy could promote cell survival and endoplasmic(More)
With formate as ligand, two 1-D 3d-4f compounds (linear and zigzag) based on pyramidal {TbCu(4)} unit were obtained. Chair-like [(H(2)O)(2)(ClO(4))(2)](2-) clusters and μ(5)-η(1):η(4) bridging mode of formate were observed in the linear one which also displays slow relaxation of the magnetization.
Soil alkalinity shows significant constraints to crop productivity; however, much less attention has been paid to analyze the effect of soil alkalinity on plant growth and development. Shanrong No. 4 (SR4) is an alkalinity tolerant bread wheat cultivar selected from an asymmetric somatic hybridization between the bread wheat cultivar Jinan 177 (JN177) and(More)
OBJECTIVE To adapt the candidate strains of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) purified vaccine to Vero cells and to study their antigenicity and immunogenicity. METHODS The viral strains H8207 (Hantaan virus, HTN) and Y86013 (Seoul virus, SEO) were continuously propagated in Vero cell by the terminal dilution method and studied the(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare and evaluate the clinical value among transperitoneal, retroperitoneal laparoscopic adrenalectomy and open adrenalectomy for the treatment of adrenal tumours. METHODS From January 1996 to June 2002, transperitoneal laparoscopic adrenalectomy (TLA) was performed for 19 cases, 17 cases were successful (Group A), retroperitoneal(More)
The preparation, structures and properties of 3d-4f compounds, undecanuclear [La2Ni9(Gly)12(IDA)3(μ3-OH)3][La(H2O)9][Na3(H2O)7(ClO4)3](ClO4)6·5H2O (1) and isostructural heptadecanuclear [Ln5Ni12(Gly)12(IDA)6(μ3-OH)9(H2O)3](ClO4)6·11H2O (Ln = Gd (2); Nd (3); Sm (4); Tb (5); Dy (6); Y (7)) based on mixed glycine (HGly) and iminodiacetate acid (H2IDA) ligands(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the growth of prostate cancer in vitro or in vivo by inhibiting the expression of EGFR and its intracellular effective proteins with small RNA interference ( SiRNA). METHODS The hormone independence prostate cancer (HIPC) cell line PC-3 was transfected by EGFR SiRNA synthesized and cloned into a recombinant lentivirus vector. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the diagnosis and treatment of penile carcinoma in circumcised men. METHODS We reviewed 17 cases of penile carcinoma detected 1 month to 16 years after circumcision performed in our hospital from January, 1997 to December, 2004. RESULTS Of the total number, 11 cases were diagnosed as penile carcinoma 1 - 12 months and the others 3 -(More)
Stock enhancement is increasingly proved to be an important measure of the fishery resources conservation, and the assessment of carrying capacity is the decisive factor of the effects of stock enhancement. Meanwhile, the variations in the energy flow patterns of releasing species and ecosystem were the basis for assessing carrying capacity of stock(More)