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An efficient online/offline signcryption scheme based on elliptic curve for MANET is proposed in this paper. The proposed scheme takes lower computation and communication cost, since most of computations are carried out offline and online part is very efficient. It not only provides the security properties of confidentiality, authentication, integrity,(More)
Brieskorn, Egbert Singularities in the work of Friedrich Hirzebruch. 2003g:32002 Dolbeault, Pierre 30 ans de géométrie analytique: sur les travaux de J.-B. Poly. [Thirty years of analytic geometry: the works of J. Columbus, OH Complex analysis and geometry. 2003b:32001 Complex analysis and geometry Complex analysis and geometry. 2003b:32001 Festschrift:(More)
In wireless cellular networks, in order to ensure that ongoing calls are not dropped while the owner mobile stations roam among cells, handoff calls may be admitted with a higher priority as compared with new calls. Since the wireless bandwidth is scarce and therefore precious, efficient schemes which allow a high utilization of the wireless channel, while(More)
Due to the unique characteristics of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) such as interaction with the physical world, many new research challenges arise. Many CPS applications will be implemented on computing devices using mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Before these systems can be used in multifarious environments, the security properties of these networks must(More)
Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) are based on cooperative and trust characteristic of mobile nodes. Typically, nodes are both autonomous and self-organized without requiring a central administration or a fixed network infrastructure. Due to their distributed nature, MANETs are very vulnerable to various attacks. To enhance the security of MANETs, it is(More)
In wireless cellular networks, a roaming mobile station (MS) is expected to move from one cell to another. In order to ensure that ongoing calls are not dropped while the owner mobile stations roam among cells, handoff calls may be admitted with a higher priority than newly generated calls. Predictive channel reservation (or pre-reservation) schemes allow(More)
The explosion of WWW traffic has triggered great interest in distributed Web server systems. Among various distributed Web server architectures, the DNS-based distributed system is a promising solution in terms of performance, scalability and availability. DNS (domain name server) name caching has significant effects on the load balance of distributed Web(More)
We present a new network anomaly detection system using dissimilarity-based one-class support vector machine( DSVMC). we transform the raw data into a dissimilarity space using Dissimilarity Representations (DR). DR describe objects by their dissimilarities to a set of target class. DSVMC are constructed on these DR. We propose a framework of anomaly(More)
Recently, we introduced a new congestion signaling method called ACK Spoofing, which offers significant benefits over existing methods, such as packet dropping and Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN). Since ACK Spoofing requires the router to create a " short circuit " signaling path, by matching marked data packets in a congested buffer with ACK packets(More)