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Pinus dabeshanensis Cheng et Law (P. dabeshanensis) is an endangered endemic occurring along the border between Anhui Province and Hubei Province (China). This species is known from only four natural populations. However, few genomic studies have been conducted on this species. In the present study, a cDNA library of P. dabeshanensis needles was sequenced(More)
A new type of capacitive humidity sensor is introduced in this paper. The sensor consists of two plate electrodes coated with MWCNT films and four pieces of isolating medium at the four corners of the sensor. According to capillary condensation, the capacitance signal of the sensor is sensitive to relative humidity (RH), which could be transformed to(More)
In a previous study, we observed that the variations in chromosome size are due to uneven expansion and contraction by comparing the structures and sizes of a pair of homoeologous high-resolution cytogenetic maps of chromosomes 12A and 12D in tetraploid cotton. To reveal the variation at the sequence level, in the present paper, we sequenced two pairs of(More)
The recent explosive outbreak of Zika virus (ZIKV) infection has been reported in South and Central America and the Caribbean. Neonatal microcephaly associated with ZIKV infection has already caused a public health emergency of international concern. No specific vaccines or drugs are currently available to treat ZIKV infection. The ZIKV helicase, which(More)
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